The cycling trip with Brig: Bolzano – Munich

Every journey is an opportunity for discovery. Travelling by bicycle is already an emotion and an adventure in itself. In this case I add a few elements of innovation that will be manifested in the trip. No matter the destination however in this case departure, transit and arrival are not random. Three important cities [...]

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The story of the brigasca sheep that disappears, to visit Europe

This is the story of Giampiero (GdZ for friends) lover of travel by bike, and his mascot, the sheep Brig, who had never left the mountains ... Their home is in Realdo, a tiny village, an "eagle's nest" perched on a rocky ridge in the Upper Valle Argentina. A territory with ancient pastoral roots [...]

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e-Mtb from Sanson to Marta, confluence of the great crossings

From Realdo in 12 km the road leads us to the Bassa di Sanson, first on a paved road to finish in a recently unpaved dirt road. Sanson is a crossroads, intersection between different crossings. Coming from Triora and Realdo, then Valle Argentina and Italy, we could go down to La Brigue, once Italian [...]

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Valle Argentina e-biking, “easy to love”

The highlight of a recent communication campaign by Valle Argentina is: "easy to love". So it is, for the simplicity and genuineness of its environment. Here it is told of its peculiarities. A short journey begins in Badalucco with a visit to the ROI crusher, where tradition and innovation are combined, the ancient techniques [...]

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New bicycle travel: from Bolzano to Munich

In the last bicycle trips, from Patagonia to Greece, I was able to enjoy the company of my children. Now I'm going on a short solo trip. A project a bit innovative: a journey to tell my territory. Ambitious project that would like to cross all of continental Europe. This year a first taste, [...]

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UNESCO Inspection for the Mediterranean Alps candidature, Sept. 15th

I'll tell you the day. The caravan for the UNESCO inspection consists of 6 off-road vehicles that transport the two inspectors, and managers and officials of the organizations that make the application:  Parks of Mercantour, Alpes-Maritimes, Ligurian Alps. The inspection in our area begins at Monte Saccarello: unfortunately there is poor visibility due to [...]

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