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The cycling trip with Brig: Bolzano – Munich

Every journey is an opportunity for discovery. Travelling by bicycle is already an emotion and an adventure in itself. In this case I add a few elements of innovation that will be manifested in the trip. No matter the destination however in this case departure, transit and arrival are not random. Three important cities [...]

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e-Mtb from Sanson to Marta, confluence of the great crossings

From Realdo in 12 km the road leads us to the Bassa di Sanson, first on a paved road to finish in a recently unpaved dirt road. Sanson is a crossroads, intersection between different crossings. Coming from Triora and Realdo, then Valle Argentina and Italy, we could go down to La Brigue, once Italian [...]

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Valle Argentina e-biking, “easy to love”

The highlight of a recent communication campaign by Valle Argentina is: "easy to love". So it is, for the simplicity and genuineness of its environment. Here it is told of its peculiarities. A short journey begins in Badalucco with a visit to the ROI crusher, where tradition and innovation are combined, the ancient techniques [...]

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New bicycle travel: from Bolzano to Munich

In the last bicycle trips, from Patagonia to Greece, I was able to enjoy the company of my children. Now I'm going on a short solo trip. A project a bit innovative: a journey to tell my territory. Ambitious project that would like to cross all of continental Europe. This year a first taste, [...]

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UNESCO Inspection for the Mediterranean Alps candidature, Sept. 15th

I'll tell you the day. The caravan for the UNESCO inspection consists of 6 off-road vehicles that transport the two inspectors, and managers and officials of the organizations that make the application:  Parks of Mercantour, Alpes-Maritimes, Ligurian Alps. The inspection in our area begins at Monte Saccarello: unfortunately there is poor visibility due to [...]

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Capodanno 2014 a Realdo

Un gruppo di giovani genovesi si ritrova a fine anno nel Rifugio che riaprirà i battenti all'inizio della nuova stagione. Qui incontrano un gruppo di amanti dell'antico borgo, pochi residenti, altri provenienti dalla costa, e ne nasce una sodalizio per organizzare, in semplicità, un convivio perattendere l'anno nuovo. Daniele si occupa di accendere il forno [...]

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Cicloraduno Alpi del Mare 2013, 1ma edizione

prima edizione del Cicloraduno del ponente ligure, a cui hanno partecipato associati de AIIC, Associazione Italiana Il Cicloviaggiatore e una prima delegazione della omologa francese CCI Cyclo Camping International; in due giornate siamo partiti dal mare, saliti sulle Alpi Liguri a 1.950 mt, al confine tra Italia e Francia e ridiscesi al mare

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