Connection of transit routes at high altitude with Realdo

How to reach Realdo from the transit routes at high altitude, the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, the Via Alpina, the Via del Sale etc… if you descend from the north east, from Mount Saccarello, you arrive at the Collardente pass where you find the connection to Realdo; if you go up from the south-east, from Colle Melosa and/or Cima Marta, at the bottom of Sanson you will find the connection to Realdo, with a path, as well as a road.

Visualizza a schermo intero

Below you can follow the route from the lower part of Sanson to Realdo on a pedestrian path that intercepts in several parts the driveway, arriving in Realdo in about 5 km against 12 on the driveway.

download here the gps track from bassa di Sanson to Realdo

Below you can follow the path that from the Collardente pass, through the passage to the chapel of St. Anthony where it intercepts the driveway, reaches Realdo

dowload here the gps track from passo di Collardente to Realdo