UNESCO Inspection for the Mediterranean Alps candidature, Sept. 15th

I’ll tell you the day.

The caravan for the UNESCO inspection consists of 6 off-road vehicles that transport the two inspectors, and managers and officials of the organizations that make the application:  Parks of Mercantour, Alpes-Maritimes, Ligurian Alps.

The inspection in our area begins at Monte Saccarello: unfortunately there is poor visibility due to fog.

I went to meet them at the Passo di Tanarello, in e-Mtb, and I saw them downhill, in Valle Argentina.

At Collardente we make a stop and, as guides, we talk about the importance of enhancing the geological peculiarities of the territory, which are then the foundation of the candidature.

Prof. Michele Piazza deepens for the inspectors, the geological value of the area; let’s make another stop in Rocca Barbone.

Finally, in Triora, at Palazzo Stella, home of the new sorcery museum, a comparison is held with executives and local administrators.

Regional Councilor Gianni Berrino, Prof Luigi Minuto President of the Hanbury Gardens, Alina Gastaudo Vice-President of the Alpi Liguri Park, Daniela Simonetti Mayor of Pigna, Silvia Sciandra, Deputy Mayor of Ventimiglia, Paolo Salsotto and Nanni Villani, president and head of communication for the Maritime Alps Park.

In this case, I also participate as president of the Alpi Liguri Forestry Consortium.

The mayor of Triora Massimo Di Fazio, assisted by Sonia Zanella, who organized and coordinated the event, is paid homage to the Province of Imperia.

Councilor Berrino has underlined the interest of the Liguria Region, which is not among the promoters of the project, but will take an active part in supporting its management in case of success.

Various interventions by the participants, concluded with consideration of the two inspectors, Portuguese and one geologist, English and marine biologist the second, who point out, after describing the different stages of the validation process, not to be themselves to decide.

The day was intense and we all come home satisfied and hopeful that our territory can receive the important UNESCO recognition as a World Heritage Site.

Giampiero De Zanet

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