Project Description

The map shows 4 crossings or rings that can be traveled over several days by e-MTB or MTB located in the Mediterranean and Western Alps.

The Ciclovia del Mediterraneo, otherwise known as Tour dei Forti, is a cross-border ring route that joints Italy and France, Piedmont and Liguria, almost completely on dirt roads, some former military. The wellknown Alta Via del Sale, connecting Limone-Monesi, is part of this ring.

The Ciclovia dei Liguri is in turn a circular route that develops on two sections, the upper one, alpine, starting from Dolceacqua and arriving in Pieve di Teco through the towns of the Parco ALpi Liguri area, which closes with the lower part that develops in a hilly environment between olive groves and Mediterranean scrub.

The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri in e-bike is a stretch of the entire Ligurian route, which develops between Ventimiglia and Ormea