Rifugio Realdo

It’s located in the center of the village, offering 14 sleeping accommodations on two floors, with 4 and 10 bed spaces respectively, along with a common area at the entrance, all spread over three floors. Each floor has a bathroom with amenities and a shower. You’ll also find a sauna. The valley can be viewed from the first-floor terrace.

Realdo Rooms: On the first floor, there’s a two-room suite with separate areas and 2+2 beds. This area is open to the public as a Guesthouse and guarantees the highest level of comfort and privacy (REALDO ROOM – CITR: 008061-AFF-0002).

For Friends: On the top floor, there’s a dormitory divided into two separate sections, accommodating 4+6 beds on two levels. This area is reserved for my friends (but it’s easy to become one…).

For hygiene reasons, the use of a sleeping bag or liner, depending on the season, is mandatory; if needed or in addition, a cotton liner and a bath towel can be provided.

The refuge is my ‘buen retiro’ where I reside and am present except when I’m operating elsewhere. Therefore, bookings should be made via phone or email.

For information and reservations: rifugio@realdovive.it, mobile +39 339 1183 146.

Immerse yourself in the embrace of wellness at Rifugio Realdo, where your mind and body find their perfect balance. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating break and let yourself be enveloped by the comforting warmth of our sauna, where stress dissolves and tension melts away.

Our holistic massages offer a total experience of relaxation and regeneration. With the total body massage, let our expert hands release every muscle knot, releasing accumulated tensions and providing a deep sense of relaxation.

Foot reflexology will take you on a journey of deep connection with your body, stimulating the energetic points of the feet to restore natural balance. And the Thai foot and leg massage will pamper you with fluid and relaxing movements, releasing tensions and imparting lightness and vitality to your tired legs.

Here, a Naturopath and Reflexologist offer holistic treatments, by reservation and appointment, available from Friday to Sunday (in August also during the week).

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