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Rifugio Realdo

Rifugio Realdo is located in the village center. The three-storey building has 18 bunk beds arranged in two dormitories, 8 and 10 beds, as well as a common room at the entrance. On each floor there is a bathroom with private toilet and shower. In the sunny days you can enjoy the terrace of the first floor overlooking the valley.
For hygienic reasons it is mandatory to use a sleeping bag, In absence or in addition,  a set of teleria bed and / or  disposable shower towel can be provided.

The Rifugio is available and reserved for members of “A.P.S. Realdo Vive”, is guarded by an hike guide that lives there. It must be booked by phone or email with 7 days notice  in winter and 1 day in other seasons.

Info and reservations: rifugio@realdovive.it , mob +39 339 1183 146

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