Exploring Liguria on MTB: Discovering Enchanting Landscapes

Liguria, with its breathtaking landscapes and winding roads, offers an exceptional terrain for mountain biking enthusiasts. A six-day route proposed by Matthias, an experienced German guide, has recently been reintroduced by a leading German television broadcaster, highlighting the experience and beauty of this MTB adventure across the region.

The detailed map provides a delightful insight into this cycling journey, showcasing a route that embraces the Ligurian coast and its hills, crossing charming villages and trails immersed in unspoiled nature. Starting from the picturesque coastal town of Finale Ligure, the route winds through a variety of terrains: from sandy beaches to mountain ridges, offering a breathtaking panoramic view.

The six-day route offers a comprehensive experience, delving into local culture and gastronomy, with planned stops in scenic locations and authentic villages offering Ligurian culinary delights. Upon reaching Ventimiglia, the journey returns by train to Finale Ligure, completing the loop. In total, around 240 km with a 13,000 meters elevation gain.

One of the most interesting stops on this trip is planned in Realdo, after tackling Mount Saccarello, Liguria’s highest peak. In Realdo, you’ll be welcomed by Giampiero, an environmental hiking guide and passionate biker, and find a bike-friendly facility equipped with bike storage, maintenance gear, and minor repair facilities. Realdo is renowned for its beauty, and it’s worth staying an extra day to enjoy downhill trails in its surroundings.

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