Every journey is an opportunity for discovery. Travelling by bicycle is already an emotion and an adventure in itself. In this case I add a few elements of innovation that will be manifested in the trip. No matter the destination however in this case departure, transit and arrival are not random. Three important cities in the bordering Italy, Austria and Germany, bases for tour operators specialized in the target “bike”, one of the new trends of European tourist mobility. On that route between Bolzano and Munich, passing through Innsbruck, I will look for a comparison on the prospects of tourist flows in the Mediterranean Alps, which have been nominated UNESCO World Heritage Site and in particular in the Ligurian Alps.

Like the others in the past, a journey designed and realized eco-sustainable. Bus transfer, cycling trip, unconventional accommodation (but no tent in this case), low costs, even in a strongly anthropized environment. I travel in company, Brig, the sheep mascot who accompanies me in all meetings.

There are few organizational constraints: the bus ticket for the return trip, some knowledge to be found in travel, the rest is the unexpected and the novelty of the trip. But let’s not call it “adventure”, it would be too much.

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