From Realdo in 12 km the road leads us to the Bassa di Sanson, first on a paved road to finish in a recently unpaved dirt road. Sanson is a crossroads, intersection between different crossings. Coming from Triora and Realdo, then Valle Argentina and Italy, we could go down to La Brigue, once Italian territory but now France, to connect to Val Roja, then Nice to the south and Cuneo to the North.
We cross the road that marks the border between the two States, the old military road that connects the Garezzo tunnel with Colle Melosa and that in this section is also combined with the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, Via Alpina and Via del Sale (one of many, but the best known).
Climbing up to the area of ​​Marta we cross evocative environments. The state forest of Gerbonte with its ancient larches, the special protection area Toraggio-Gerbonte we are in the Parco Alpi Liguri area.
We arrive at the area of ​​Marta announced by the ruins of the military barracks, part of the Vallo Alpino built between the two world wars when the area was still part of the Italian territory. A short distance away you can visit the Balconies of Marta with its impressive underground installation.
To finish the excursion in ebike it will be worthwhile to go up to Cima Marta from where you can enjoy a splendid 360 ° panorama over the entire Alpine area nominated for UNESCO recognition as a World Heritage Site.