This is the story of Giampiero (GdZ for friends) lover of travel by bike, and his mascot, the sheep Brig, who had never left the mountains …
Their home is in Realdo, a tiny village, an “eagle’s nest” perched on a rocky ridge in the Upper Valle Argentina.
A territory with ancient pastoral roots that deserves to be rediscovered.
An area that goes up to 2200 m of the summit of Monte Saccarello, but steeped in the sea; a Ligurian territory, but guardian of the Brigasca culture and language.

Giampiero and Brig will start together from Realdo and will travel through Europe, to tell the story of the territory, to bring new people to his culture and challenge those who do not believe in themselves to “leave their fence” and go to meet the world.

Brig, in fact, is not a traveler, except for the annual transhumance towards the mountain pastures. It is a Brigasca sheep, a native species of the homonymous territory, known for having been in past centuries, the most important breeding center in the entire border area between Liguria, Piedmont and Provence.
The old town of Briga Marittima once Italian (today La Brigue in France) was linked to seven other centers, called “masàgi” or foundations linked to the movements of its shepherds, especially for grazing reasons.
In these countries, today divided between France and Italy, the Brigasca language is still spoken today.
The centers of the cultural area in question, today called Tèra Brigašca, are: Briga (La Brigue), Morignolo (Morignole), Realdo, Verdeggia, Piaggia, Upega, Carnino and Viozene.
In the 80s, after World War II politically separated this small people, the Brigaschi, they saw their linguistic minority recognized.

Giampiero and Brig, leaving Realdo will travel together to discover this precious little story that sees the mountain protagonist.
A meeting place that over the centuries has united men, women and animals of the opposite sides, in constant movement to work, feed and meet.