The highlight of a recent communication campaign by Valle Argentina is: “easy to love”. So it is, for the simplicity and genuineness of its environment.

Here it is told of its peculiarities. A short journey begins in Badalucco with a visit to the ROI crusher, where tradition and innovation are combined, the ancient techniques of milling the olives with the innovation of the continuous cycle crusher. Not for nothing Roi was chosen by Eataly, the great chain of Italian gastronomy, now known all over the world, as a consultant for extra virgin olive oil. Agriturismo L’Adagio is a clear example of innovation in hospitality, even if rooted in its roots. What’s better after a day of cycling in a relaxing sauna in its SPA?

Climbing the valley we meet the village of Montalto Ligure, the “romantic village”.

A stop in Triora, the village of witches, can not miss. Visit the new Museum of Sorcery and booking at the Erba Gatta, a restaurant in the historic center, with outdoor dehors. If you are lucky you will find à la carte the “briasca toma burger”, also here tradition and innovation.

It is evening, last leap to get to the upper valley and enjoy the show of the village of Realdo that is perched on its cliff. Now at the Rifugio Realdo, in the center of the village. I am at home.